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Written by Peter Morris   
Apr 26, 2009 at 06:33 AM



The Greater Accra




By Peter Morris

Ghana-pedia's Australian-based co-administrator



This special Ghana-pedia reference is a chapter devoted to the great selection of restaurants in Accra, the capital of Ghana.


When returning to Australia from a trip to Ghana, I am often asked by curious colleagues about the types & quality of meals on offer in Ghana. Curious people often are surprised when I tell them there are some great places to eat in Accra, and that cuisines such as Italian, Lebanese, Chinese, and Indian are relatively common. There has also been some attempt to duplicate the concept of fast food, although this seems to have met with somewhat limited success.

 The fast food concept in Ghana - an outlet of Chicken Inn, a chain of take-aways that operate throughout Africa



I have concentrated on the Greater Accra Region in this article, mainly because it has the greatest concentration & variety of restaurants in Ghana. While Kumasi certainly has a fantastic range of restaurants & eateries, several of those mentioned in this article also have outlets in Kumasi, and in some cases, even in other regional capitals.

However, there are suprisingly few 'chains' in Ghana, and this is surprising, considering their apparent popularity. Possibly, the owners are content to operate out of one location, or they believe that Ghana can't support more than one outlet, either in Accra or in another town or city.

There is no shortage of inexpensive chop bars in Ghana, particularly in Accra, where you can buy Ghanaian staples such as Fufu, Kenkey, Banku, & Jollof Rice. These dishes are often made crops commonly farmed in Ghana, including cassava, yam, plantain, and meats such as goat, fish, and chicken.

There are other more unique Ghanaian dishes - one that is considered somewhat of a delicacy is Grasscutter, better known elsewhere as the Greater Cane Rat. Popular dishes available from roadsides include roasted plantain, chicken skewers, and a delicious treat called kalawole (pronounced killi-willi), an interesting mix of deep fried plaintain seasoned with ginger, pepper & salt.

There are literally thousands of local vendors and chop bars that serve Ghanaian dishes, and coming from a country where popular cuisines include Italian, Lebanese, French, Chinese, Mexican, Indian, and any number of other popular cuisines. Despite my interest in Ghana & my regular trips there, I personally struggle with Ghanaian dishes, and usually only limit myself to a token taste on each trip, mainly just to placate my suggestive Ghanaian friends.

Whatever is written in this article, please take into account that I am an extremely fussy eater, and I would rather travel a distance for the promise of excellent food, rather than buy something substandard because it is at a closer proximity !


As places that serve Ghanaian cuisine are so numerous, for the purposes of this study, I am going to stick to primarily reviewing restaurants that serve other cuisines. This is also because I feel that many visitors will be more like me - will try Ghanaian dishes out of curiousity, but will feel more at home with what they know.

 A number of popular dishes have practically exploded onto the scene in Ghana over the last decade. I particularly cite pizza & burgers, which seem to be available from nearly every restaurant or eatery that anything outside of Ghanaian cuisine. However, both range from excellent to very average quality. As an example, I can usually pick who makes pizza with quality products, using a pizza oven (wood fired, gas, or electric), or whether it has been done in a conventional oven. Please also note that my suggestions on seafood dishes are taken from others, as I don't eat seafood of any kind.

 Cantonments Road ('Oxford Street') in the Osu district of Accra tends to have the highest concentration of international restaurants



There are a lot of people of Lebanese, Chinese, and Indian extraction living in Ghana, so not surprisingly, there are a number of excellent restaurants in the Greater Accra Region. There are also a number of great French & Italian restaurants around, and in rare cases, there are places that do more exotic foods like Mexican & Japanese. Without doubt, the largest concentration of international restaurants are located within close proximity to Cantonments Road ('Oxford Street') in the Osu district, although you will see in our reviews that other districts in Accra also have quality restaurants & eateries.

While we are not going to criticize anyone on this page, we are going to mention the places noteworthy for their excellent food, and similarly, credit places that serve acceptable, if not quite brilliant, renditions of what we are reviewing. Furthermore, the rankings that I give are elastic - they are subject to change if I find a place I consider worthy to enter the rankings - and currently listed restaurants can find themselves dumped out of the top three in any of my categories at a moment's notice. I look at quality versus price, and issues like timeliness, service, and appearance in our assessment.

Without further ado, let's begin the rankings - I am also going to start with my favourite food:




Mamma Mia Ristorante

The reason why Mamma Mia Ristorante is my personal favourite is because the ingredients used are first-rate, the pizzas are made using a wood oven to great effect, and the quality of service is hard to beat anywhere in Accra. The owner, a proud Italian who takes great pride in his Harley Davidson motorcycle (rare in Accra !), takes great pride in his pizza, and circles his al fresco restaurante nearly every night meeting & greeting everyone. The prices might be considered high by some, but few will be disappointed with the quality !



Ever popular, Frankies has one of the best overall varieties on cuisines on their menu in Ghana. Their pizza is of very high quality, and is well prepared, and the prices are not bad for the average tourist. Frankies has a great atmosphere, too, and there are plenty of ex-pats & tourists that go there, so if you are looking for people from your home country, it's probably the place to go. Also, their air-conditioned restaurant is a welcome relief from the humidity outside !


Highgate Hotel

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the pizza on the Highgate Hotel's menu. Crisp & light, it was made with quality products, and while kitchen seemed to take some time to prepare it, I was thoroughly impressed.

 Other noteworthy: In Accra, I would mention La Tour Fast Food & Restaurant on Spintex Road in eastern Accra, and Hallo Pizza & Restaurant at Danquah Circle in North Labone Estate (and their new location at Harbin in the Teshie district) as having quite good pizza. Out of Accra, but still in the Greater Accra Region, I found that Manet Paradise Hotel in Ada Foah made an enjoyable pizza. A popular place is Pizza Inn, which is a chain with outlets in the Osu, Legon, '37'/Airport, and Sakumono districts, is popular, and I find their pizza acceptable, if not good.







I just love the char-grilled chicken burgers at Barcelos, and I go there quite often when I am in Accra. The very reasonable price (around 5 GH¢ for burgers), combined with reasonably fast service, and quality ingredients, make for a burger that is yet to be topped in Accra.



Once again, Frankies finishes a slight second, although I will say they make the best beef burgers in Accra, and while it is probably slightly unfair to be judging chicken burgers versus beef burgers in the same category, I can't divide everything into sub-categories, and personally tend to enjoy a good chicken burger over a good beef burger.


Golden Tulip Accra Hotel

Golden Tulip Accra Hotel make a very good burger, although it is hefty both in terms of it's size and it's price. Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad burger, but at around 10 GH¢ each, it is certainly one of the most expensive ones I've eaten anywhere in the World, and the most expensive doesn't necessarily mean best.

 Other noteworthy: Hotel Shangri-La, along Independence Avenue near Kotoka International Airport, make quite a good beef burger, as do Just Burgers & Fries on Spintex Road in eastern Accra. Another place worth trying is Champs Sports Bar in the Paloma Hotel's food court. Chicken Inn, who have outlets alongside Pizza Inn (locations mentioned in the pizza rankings), and is popular amongst locals, make entirely serviceable chicken & beef burgers. Steers Fast Food would have made this list, however, I was disappointed to see they had shut in 2008, and their former outlet is now a Tigo outlet.






Tsing Tao Restaurant

Tsing Tao Chinese Restaurant serves excellent Chinese food, and is well-prepared, and excellent value for money. They have two outlets, in the Osu district, and in Community #6 in Tema, although I have only eaten at the Tema outlet. The fried rice comes in ridiculously large portions that can feed me for three meals, and in a food genre that sometimes doesn't agree with my stomach, Tsing Tao Restaurant come up trumps every time.


Imperial Peking Chinese Restaurant

This colourful Chinese restaurant is very popular amongst Chinese ex-pats in Accra, and the franchise deserves extra mention just for the flourescent advertising lights they display out the front of their two restaurant - on Independence Avenue (near Woolworths near Kotoka International Airport, and at Community #8 in Tema).


Harbin Chinese Restaurant

Harbin, the huge entertainment complex on the Labadi/Teshie-Nungua Road in the Teshie district is notable as an entertainment complex (who can overlook that they have the only ten-pin bowling alley in West Africa), but also a lovely Chinese restaurant that serve quality dishes that are inexpensive. The Harbin complex has recently joined forces with Hallo Pizza & Restaurant, who have opened their second outlet there.

 Other noteworthy: I haven't actually dined at the fabled Dynasty Chinese Restaurant on Cantonments Road ('Oxford Street') in the Osu district, however, this is because I usually feel I am dressed a little too casually to go. There are plenty of Chinese restaurants in Accra, and even more places in Accra that have Chinese dishes on their menu, but I have only tried a few. Cozy Gardens Chinese Restaurant, near the Sakumono junction is also an entirely satisfactory option.








Heritage Indian Restaurant

Heritage Indian Restaurant is one of the best Indian restaurants I've ever tried, and my personal favourite is their Naan Bread, and the Chicken Tikka. The restaurant is tastefully decorated, giving it a relaxed feel, and the staff are both polite and the kitchen & staff are very prompt in bringing out meals. While certainly not the cheapest in this category, the quality speaks for itself.


Haveli Indian Restaurant

This charming restaurant is located in the laneway opposite Dynasty Chinese Restaurant on Cantonments Road ('Oxford Street') in the Osu district. I've only had one meal there so far, which was a very good Chicken Tandoori with Naan Bread.


Kohinoor Indian Restaurant


I was recently advised by the owner of the owner of Kohinoor Indian Restaurant in Tema that they have become autonomous from the outlet in the Osu district. I have only eaten at the Tema outlet, where I tried their Chicken Tikka & Chicken Tandoori, both of which were of a high standard.

 Other noteworthy: In this category, I have tried just the three locations above. As mentioned in the reference to Kohinoor Indian Restaurant, the outlet in the Osu district has split from their Tema counterparts, but I don't know if this has led to any menu changes.







Le Bouquet Lebanese Restaurant

This excellent Lebanese restaurant is a relatively new one, located on Labadi Road in the Apapa (La) district, about 100m from the famous (or infamous !) Jokers Nightclub. I had some great grills there, and although the prices are slightly higher than the other Lebanese options in Accra, it's certainly warranted. The comfortable restaurant has some fantastic grilled meats, and a corner is even set aside as a smoking lounge (for those who want to light up).



While Skewers is merely a small take-away kebab chain with three outlets (Spintex Road, Sakumono junction, and at Maxmart on Independence Avenue near the '37' tro-tro stop), I think they make great kebabs that are also quite inexpensive, although their menu is basically limited to kebabs & roast chickens. Strangely, they even put chips/fries in the kebabs as a filling, but it seems to work, and there is a hint of lemon suggesting this is used to marinade the meat.


Prince Lebanese Restaurant


Prince Lebanese Restaurant is located in the street that runs parallel to Cantonments Road ('Oxford Street') in the Osu district, just behind the Osu Food Court. Their lamb kebabs are very good, and there is a extensive menu including popular Lebanese meals such as kafta & falafel.

 Other noteworthy: I really like a good kebab, and I found that the Abou Deeb Restaurant on Cantonments Road ('Oxford Street') in the Osu district made excellent chicken and beef kebabs, and I often found myself grabbing one before going to a Ghana Glo Premier League football game at the nearby Ohene Djan Sports Stadium.

Frankies make a very good hommus with Lebanese bread, but after I rated my first kebab there as 'passable', I have mainly stuck to other things on the menu.

I have heard that Niagara Hotel near Kwame Nkrumah Circle in the Adabraka district makes one of the best kebabs in town, but my one visit there was to review the hotel, and I had already eaten. Nontheless, their Al Basha restaurant looked like the kind of place that could serve up an awesome Lebanese dish, and on my next visit, I will be sure to try it.








Mamma Mia Ristorante

The pasta selection at Mamma Mia Ristorante is certainly not as extensive as the pizza selection, but I had one of the better Spaghetti Bolognese dishes I've had in Accra there.


Fiesta Royale Hotel

I must admit,when I went to the restaurant at Fiesta Royale Hotel, I expected that this five-star hotel would charge accordingly. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the price of their pasta dishes, and the quality was quite good.


Restaurant Le Borsalino


Le Borsalino is located opposite Egyptair/Hallo Pizza & Restaurant on the Ring Road, just off of Danquah Circle in the Nyaniba Estates (Osu) district. It is one of a limited number of restaurants in Accra that limits itself solely to Italian & French dishes, and the quality is reasonably good. It is one of the few places I have managed to locate in Accra that has lasagne on the menu.

 Other noteworthy: On my last trip, I search the Tesano district for a place called La Trattoria Romana, that I had heard allegedly served the best Italian food in Accra, but I couldn't find it. If someone can provide me with better directions that "Adeka junction", and a phone number that works, I would like to find it on my next trip to see if it lives up to the hype.

Before I go any further, I will give a disclaimer to pasta lovers when visiting Ghana - be careful of what is passed off as "Bolognese Sauce" anywhere that you tour. The local interpretation of this seems to vary to what has been passed down from the old country, and if you are a true lover of Bolognese Sauce (like me), you might find the local interpretation as an abomination, with bizarre things like carrot rounds and even chunks of goat meat (still attached to the bone) in it !

Back to the reviews, one other place that deserves a mention once again is Frankies. While not the best thing on their menu, the small pasta selection is passable if not quite spectacular.

If anyone has a map of Accra that shows Sole Mio Ristorante on Embassy Road in the Osu district, to save you the time, I will advise you that it has unfortunately gone out of business.

There is one other place you can get great pasta in Ghana - from me ! ...........I often make my own sauces when I am there, and another traveled Ghanaian who tried my Spaghetti Bolognese that it was the best he had eaten since he was last in Europe.

















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