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This special Ghana-pedia article is to educate Ghanaians & internationals about HIV/AIDS in Ghana.


 Identification, Prevention, & Treatment

Firstly, the Ghana-pedia team wishes to remind all it's visitors that there is no known cure for HIV/AIDS, and no vaccines, leaving prevention as the only effective form of combating the disease.

While a form of treatment known as Highly Active Anti-Retroviral Treatment (HAART) does exist to inhibit the disease in an infected person, the treatment is not always successful, may have strong side effects. However, HAART does not cure HIV/AIDS in an infected person.

Furthermore, HAART requires the user to undertake a strict form of treatment that does not allow for those receiving it to deviate from the prescribed pattern.




Ghana-pedia wishes to stress the importance of all members of the Ghanaian community to utilize all HIV/AIDS control methods, which include :


Abstaining from sex is the most obvious method of HIV/AIDS control.




With both parties remaining faithful a relationship in which both parties are confirmed to be free of HIV/AIDS, threat of infection is nullified.



Safe Sex

Ghana-pedia cannot recommend this option for those people in sexual relationships any stronger. The vast majority of HIV/AIDS infections that occur throughout the World occur quite simply through unprotected hetrosexual sex with a person living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA). It is common in this situation that the PLWHA is not actually aware that they are infected.


Ghana-pedia strongly recommends that those people in sexual relationships, regardless of whether it is one or several partners, insist on prevention measures, particularly condoms, at all times during intercourse. Condoms remain the most effective form of combating HIV/AIDS infection amongst sexually-active people in the community today.



Regular HIV/AIDS Tests

Ghana-pedia cannot stress the importance enough of regular HIV/AIDS testing if your relationship status differs from abstinence or manogamy. Sadly, the sentiment of many in the World community is avoid HIV/AIDS testing, as they fear a positive result.

Ghana-pedia wishes to remind visitors to this page that while the prospect of a positive result is indeed frightening, the simple fact remains - HIV/AIDS infection is ultimately fatal if it is not treated.



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