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And, with more & more outside interest in Ghanaian culture, history, and lifestyle, Ghana has been calling for a website that will accurately portray the Ghanaian way of life.


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How Ghana-pedia Works:

Ghana-pedia has been created to collate information on Ghana as a resource for Ghanaians & the outside World. Our website calls on all those who either live, have lived, or have traveled within Ghana to submit information useful to our site, based on their knowledge & experience. Visitors & members can submit either new topics, or update existing topics. Our website co-ordinators will proof-read what has been supplied, and use the most relevant information to add or update articles.

Presently, we are still designing many of the basic features, and are collating stories to be published. Ghana-pedia is constantly evolving, with new articles & features constantly being researched & added. 

Photographs are now available for many of the online references, while many of the articles now feature hyperlinks to direct users to related topics. Video footage is soon to be added where possible, so users can get the best visual of Ghana possible, short of seeing it with their own eyes !


Furthermore, Ghana-pedia will periodically award someone who has submitted an article with our website a prize – a new Ghana-pedia polo shirt, as worn by our co-ordinators & representatives, in either men’s or women’s styles, with a value of $40 !!!

(available at this time in men’s Large & X-Large / Women’s 8 & 12 sizes)


Soon, Ghana-pedia will open the following additions to the site :

Ghana-pedia Classifieds

A buying & selling forum where people & businesses can list their sale items free of charge. Listings will be done in order, so it will be easy to search through categories such as vehicles, real estate, and machinery, just to name a few.

Ghana-pedia Relationships

A friendship & dating forum, where visitors can safely post a profile & browse to find friendships & romance. Due to the increasing number of cases involving internet dating scams around the World, Ghana-pedia will add a safety feature for users browsing the page.

'Confirmed profiles' will allow users identify profiles where the profiler has adequately established their identity to a Ghana-pedia representative, thus limiting the chances of fraudulent profiles.

Furthermore, fraudulent profiles will be reported to the Ghanaian Police in an effort to stamp out this heartless crime, which only serves to exploit the vulnerable.

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I have visited your site and I'm pleased with efforts you're making to project Ghana.I hope by this we will be able to promote the NATIONAL ARCHIVES[PRAAD].
KILLIAN ONAI (Unregistered) • 2009-02-10 03:52:43
No.2  Obroni Peter
Hi Gerard,


Ghana has massive potential, and has a great deal to offer travelers who like to experience something a little different....

We eventually want to get all the great ecotourism destinations in Ghana on our site, but we need help in the form of information, recommendations, and photographs.....we encourage people to submit to us any relevant information we could use.....

I checked out your site, and I really like the interactive map leading to the blog pages.....you could say I am the story editor, but I have spoken to my co-administrator before about doing that very thing..........soon, however, we will dump the archaic Nkrumah graphic on our frontpage, and replace it with a flash player display of a bunch of cool ecotourism destinations in Ghana.......

Anyway, thank you for your interest, and I hope you visit again soon !


Peter Morris
G-P Co-administrator
Peter Morris - Ghana-pedia (Unregistered) • 2008-10-20 06:29:14
No.1  Ghana Endorsment

We can only endorse this project. Ghana is beautifull and we would like to promote it as much as possible.
Therefore we started a project to write the first Dutch Travel guide on Ghana with the sole objective to get more people to visit the eco-sites in Ghana and injecting money to the small community based economies around those sites.

See www.coolywooly.nl/ghana_news.html

We will return to post more information after our project is done and we have time to translate.

Travel tips on beautifull ecosites in Ghana can however be found on www.coolywooly.nl/kaart.html
Gerard (Unregistered) • 2008-09-05 11:15:55
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